Monday, December 29, 2008

Salam Maal Hijrah 1430

Salamzzz to All ...

Hopes this coming new year more cheerful and of course ... more good news. I have few big plans on the way coming ... Insyallah. Guyz... pray for me ?...

salamzzz ...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gubahan Rindu Puisi Syahdu

........ Bosan tapi Rindu ...........
........ Bosan tapi Sayang .........
........ Bosan tapi Mahu ...........

........ Hang over somewhere . Ends.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Last Saturday I went to wedding ceremony at TTDI. Uhhh... it was quite a peaceful place and nice. The place decorated nicely and it looks good. Okey lah... sampai2 ajer terus nak melantak cos the bride and groom belum pun sampai lagi. The food was good but it was my cousin's uncle punya anak wedding... so proper la makan skit kan. Jangan lah buat macam kat umah pulak. Hua hua hua. While we are eating... the celebrated couple arrived. Nice couple... but aku nak comment gak. eehehehehe. The groom quite rendah than the bride. Dah la tue pakai high heel pulak pompuan ny. Ishh... sangat tak sesuai. But nenek2 always said that pompuan kalau lebih tinggi dari lelaki... murah rezeki. Alhamdulillah. Hope so. The istiadat everything goes smoothly but I as a 'unrecognized wedding planner' feels that it will be more boombastic if the ceremony happens as

1. If there is bunyi2 kompang ker or any sounds that makes the couple "announced' officially arrived. Baru lah meriah. Nie tibe2 jer dah sampai dekat pintu utama n I realized after the MC announced. Itu pun macam dengar tak dengar ajer.

2. First step inside the hall, I realized there is a kind of balcony at the upper floor. I was thinking it would be nice if there is a dozen's of little girls... 5.. 6... years old wearing same dresses berderet kat atas tuh sambil menaburkan kelopak2 bunga tatkala the couple walking slowly to pelamin. It would be better a white and red roses. Wahhh... very the romantic okey. Kalau ambik gambar mesti cun.

3. If the couple family wearing same colour of dress. Ahhh baru la gempak sikit. Like says all the family wearing white. Wahhh... sangat cantik and it looks grand okey.

4. The flower displayed at the middle of the hall are those fresh flowers and huge bouquets. Flowers is the main thg to make the place looks 'alive' and 'fresh'.

.... That what I was thinking while eating. Akan tetapi at nite while I was sleeping... I was awake at 4 am and sakit perut. Dammmnnn... it was long time ago when I had sakit perut. Esoknyer... all the family members bising coz sakit perut. Jahanam betul... it must be the foods at the wedding. Uwaaaa...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey guys

I need a vacation. Anywhere just fine with me. Just want to get away from my schedule life. Any suggestions guys? Tak nak lah memahal... bajet daaa... Few days should be fine with me. Enjoyz with frenz... seronoknyer...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcoming 2009

I just realized that 2009 is coming soon. Sedar tak sedar nak 26 tahun aku next year. Giler cepat ! I am still thinking what I have achieved through out this year. Not much or I can say nothing. Nak resign from IBM pun tak lepas2 lagi. It is not that I don't want to resign or in love so much with this company. It is just I still din get a good offer or at least something that I want. Memang penat working on night shift. But I don't have much choices. Siapa la nak bayar Myvi putih aku tue ! That was the first thing i concerned whenever I screamed i want to RESIGN.

Apa2 pun I still have good team EXCEPT perempuan sihir okey. Big Papa even though macam suke preasure tapi sometimes he kind of understanding what is happening. Next year he will be my new boss and Epul will be new TL. Uhhh... tak sabar aku nak menunggu official announcement by perempuan sihir. I think it will be more peaceful environment and only stress with work preasure and NO emo's things or stupidity of perempuan sihir. Hopefully everything will flow smoothly... i am counting. Daaaa.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

writing @ hometown

hey... I went back to Malacca yesterday afternoon with bro and mum. Currently I am writing blog kat kampung. Uhh at last my cousin sister had her broadband actively functioning. Previously she had 'some' connections to streamyx.. entah aper tak tau. Tapi tak function... lom bayar lah. Dammmnn.. raya lepas tak dapat aku nak work from home. Luckily, my manager din realized. Kalau tak... kantoi aku.
Today I can said that I slept all over the day. Bangun kejap2 for solat and makan. In other word if plus last nite almost 15 hours. Giler betui letih aku nie. Took a leave for Monday and Tuesday. Guys I had to took Monday leave even though it is a public holiday in Malaysia. Aku kerja ikut US okey. Konon2 orang US lah! Hoping that I could get enough rest before I started back my dammmnn buzy working life. The very last quarter this year. Country and management target are so so ridiculous. Target for this month was 400 backlog. Theeee... obviously the target tak boleh achieved. Giler aper diorang nie. Current backlog last friday was 1200.
Furthermore Perempuan sihir tue let other billers took leave. Just left me and Fateen to work on the backlog. Itu pun epul yang mc and dodie yang tengah rotate tolong sikit2. I dunno what the management are thinking right now. The stupidity of perempuan sihir teserlah sekali lagi when she told someone in the team that she kasihan with Bob yang tak habiskan his leave and she was planning to repay the leave balance with money. What the #### ! It is so unfair okey my dear manager. If you did that to him... others will also asking the same favor. Can't you even think wisely whatever your decision. Jangan main tibai ajer. Nak buat baik pun kena pikir untuk semua. But people always said kalau dah bengap.. selamanya akan jadi bengap gak. Just hoping my new manager next month will be more professional and not emotional. Pity to UK team and emea where they will be having that manager as their manager. All the best

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

fever... cough... ill... sick... ill...sick

I had a bad cough this week. Damn.. start last Thursday. The best part I had asked ainin eza and the gang to go for a karaoke session. Alamak... takkan nak cancel kut. Sure kena marah. Anyway, demi rakan2 i went to Red Box Curve. Jam 10 malam dah start melalak. Ahh I knew it. I sang out of key. I can't hit the note.. not even close okey. Dah takde suara folsetto yang dibangga2 kan. Damnnn. Lantak lah dah bayar dekat 60 hinggit aku nyanyi jer. Giler mahal malam Jumaat. Takpe... next session aku nyer suara dah pulih. Pegi ari biase ajer lah pas nie... tak lah mahal sangatkan. Okey till den.... daaaaa......